Security measures in Russia and in sea port St. Petersburg during FIFA World Cup 2018

by Maj-Len Ehrnrooth | May 23, 2018

During 2018 FIFA World Cup additional security measures have been announced by the authorities in Russia and in sea port St.Petersburg. Port terminals will temporary restrict transhipment of some types of hazardous cargoes.

Following cargoes are fully prohibited for discharge in St.Petersburg during period as from May 25th till July 25th, 2018;

- All IMO cargoes class 1
- All IMO cargoes class 6
- All IMO cargoes class 7
- IMO cargoes listed by Russian Federal Ministry of Sea and River Transport


All IMO cargoes of all classes are prohibited for transhipment in St.Petersburg during dates of official games from June 14th till July 15th in St.Petersburg

Transfennica, as Shipping Line, must follow above restrictions and further additional orders from local authorities, if any received in future.

Please make sure that you comply with above strict regulations for your upcoming IMO shipments. Transfennica shall not be responsible if any cargoes are delayed, seized or destroyed by the authorities by reason of violation of above regulations. Any resulting fines will be likewise for your account.   

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.