Brexit update 17.10.2019

by Maj-Len Ehrnrooth | Oct 17, 2019

In two weeks the United Kingdom (UK) will possibly leave the European Union (EU) with or without a Withdrawal Agreement (WA).

In case a WA-deal is agreed there will be a transition period in force, during which importers, exporters and stake-holders in cross border traffic will have time to adjust to the new environment.

In case the UK does not leave there will be no change to the present situation.

In Case there is no agreement the UK will leave the EU and the EU Customs Union at the 31st of October at 2359 CET and 01.11.2019 is Day one No Deal. (D1ND).

There will be significant differences in the requirements for goods travelling from the UK to the EU and from the UK to the EU.

  1. The UK has planned for significant relaxations for the immediate period after D1ND.
  2. The EU on the other hand has announced to immediately apply all the regulations that cover the Customs procedures between the EU and Third countries in traffic from and to the UK.

Export to the UK

You will timely need to supply us with the Export Movement reference number MRN (or alternative customs procedure) for each consignment in the unit, but not the detailed consignment information.


HM Customs in the UK have informed that all customers in the case of D1ND can now apply for Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSP) for import cargo on our service into the port of Tilbury. This agreement was originally only applicable for selected RoRo terminals,  and has now been extended to our terminal.

Transfennica would, as required by UK HM Customs, have to hold a copy on file of your TSP agreement letter, and if a forwarding agent is acting for or on your behalf it should also need to hold a copy. This is a requirement of HM Customs in the UK and they would undertake spot checks/inspections on the presence of the documentation. The TSP allows the status of the goods on our manifest to change to ‘C’ Status for quicker clearance.

Herewith the address for the GOV.UK site which advises how to apply for this simplified import procedure.

We encourage you to register for the above service which applies to UK importers with a EORI number starting with GB.

The simplifications as described should, in case all the entries to the Customs are logged allow us to release the unit in the same way as we do today, it remains on your responsibility to complete the customs procedure. 

Export from the UK to the EU

No relaxations will be applicable on D1ND on arrival in the EU.

You will need to provide us timely with the detailed information, we will use this information to file the Entry summary declaration to the EU. 

It is important to note that the UCR Unique Consignment Reference is mandatory for groupage cargo.

All cargo with an origin from a Third County, (Also UK after D1ND) will be placed in temporary storage upon arrival in the EU, at this time it will continue with N status on the transit vessel from Antwerp.

Use of Portals for information flow

In the UK Transfennica will make use of MCP-Destin8, and in Antwerp for export E-balie.

Transfennica encourages you to register with these portals.

You may also register with Transfennica to make use of the Lighthouse extranet.

Transfennica EDI-communication is at this moment being adapted for the extra requirements.

Additional Information required on D1ND

  1. Exporters names, address and / or (UK) EORI number.
  2. Importers names, address and / or (UK) EORI number.
  3. (Contact) details of any agent responsible for making declarations for or on behalf of the exporter or importer.
  4. Country of origin of the goods.
  5. Country of destination of the goods.
  6. Package count and package type.
  7. Goods description and shipping marks (labelling).
  8. Taric (HS) code, minimum 6 possibly up to all digits.
  9. Gross and net weights per Taric (HS) code.
  10. Value and terms of sale and the Unique Consignment Reference (UCR).
  11. (Customs) Seal number.

We recommend that you also check with the Customs of the country of exportation or importation as well as your local UK Customs.

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