Paper workers' strike in Finland - Adjusted schedule and introduction of imbalance fee

by Maj-Len Ehrnrooth | Feb 04, 2020
A week ago, on 27 January the Finnish Paper Workers' Union announced a 3-weeks strike. Today, on 3 February it was announced that it will be prolonged by one week until 24 February, if no solution is found. The consequence of this strike is, that the total production of paper, board, pulp and timber is stopped and this has a considerable negative effect on total cargo flows from Finland.
Transfennica will therefore be forced to adjust the schedules during this strike period with short notice.
In order to keep Line’s Containers available on the Continent and the United Kingdom, we will introduce an imbalance fee for all shipments of Line’s Containers to Finland:
EUR 350,- per container for loading in Antwerp and Tilbury
EUR 250,- per container for loading in Lübeck and Rostock
This surcharge will be effective for shipments as from 7 February 2020 and valid until further notice.
We deeply regret this situation which is completely beyond our control. Our staff will keep you closely informed about further developments.
For further information please contact your local Transfennica office.