Information on Certified Pick up system (CPu) to container customers in Port of Antwerp

by Maj-Len Ehrnrooth | Jun 08, 2021
Port of Antwerp has developed a digital, secure and integrated solution for the release of import containers. This system, called Certified Pick up (CPu), came into effect on 1.1.2021 in the first (test) phase and will replace the current system of PIN codes. This means that the pick-up reference that is currently found on our arrival note (TFPU…) will not be in use anymore in the future. CPu will guarantee a secure, transparent and optimized release process applying to all containers being unloaded from a vessel in the Port of Antwerp, including transhipped containers and empty Shipper-Owned containers.
The implementation of the second phase of CPu will start on 1.7.2021 and will proceed terminal by terminal, gradually terminating the old PIN-code system. To cover the additional costs Transfennica will charge a fee of 4 (four) euro’s for every container discharged in port of Antwerp.
Please ensure that your company is registered on CPu as soon as possible, in order to be able to receive the release rights and perform the necessary actions on your behalf (i.e. transfer/accept/decline/revoke of the release right). Also make sure to enter your EORI as unique identifier.
If your company already has a C-point account, you only need to connect with the CPu-console.
NxtPort organizes webinars for CPu, which can be found here:
General information can be found at:
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