Transfennica - an experienced service provider

Transfennica, established in 1976, is a liner-shipping carrier operating a specialised, multi-purpose, highly ice-strengthened Ro-Ro fleet serving the European market. In 2002 Transfennica became a part of the Amsterdam-based Spliethoff Group.

Our modern Ro-Ro fleet, with a speed of 20+ knots, offer several fast transport routes between continental Europe, Estonia and Finland. Their advantage lies in the fastest total lead times coupled with extensive information technology back-up plus fast cargo handling, flexibility and safety.

Our aim is to develop new, fast and efficient services in order to support our customers in value-added logistics. Our vessels are very versatile and can practically carry any general cargo, including Sto-Ro, containers, trailers, cassettes, mobile cargoes, as well as IMDG-classified goods and temperature-controlled units.

To cater for different customers' requirements and changes in the trade, we have offices in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Gdynia, Kotka, Helsinki, Lübeck, Paldiski and Tilbury. 

Within this network we have some 100 skilled persons working in active partnership with our customers and suppliers. Our extensive on-line information network manages the full scope of operations and electronic links with our customers.