45 containers in cell guide

Flexible cargo handling

The basic concept for the Trafexpress-vessels is to double the capacity for containers, which are carried as Lo-Lo in separate compartments fore and aft, with Ro-Ro cargo under the deck. The bow section has a hatchless container hold with movable cellguides for combinations of 20, 40 and 45 feet containers in four different compartments housing in total 192 TEU. On the aft deck containers are carried four high in movable cellguides for 20, 40 and 45 feet units, giving in total of 150 TEU. The cellguides can also be stowed well aft, making the deck available for Ro-Ro cargo via an access from the trailer deck under the superstructure. The mid-part of the upper deck can also be used for conventional Lo-Lo handling of containers, giving a total capacity of 639 TEU in all three sections. Access to the holds is provided through a wide stern ramp extending the full width of the vessel. From the stern ramp there is direct access to the main deck and to the other three decks via fixed ramps in order to considerably speed up the loading and discharging in ports. The concept of loading and discharge in only one day has been very successful, and feedback from both port operators and from customers has been very positive. By using three container cranes handling speeds of 90+ containers/hour has so far been reached in both Hamina and Antwerp.

Wide range of cargoes

Our vessels are very versatile and can practically carry any general cargo - including Sto-Ro, containers, trailers, cassettes, mobile cargoes and project cargoes as as well as IMDG-classified goods and temperature-controlled units.