Short transit times

Transfennica operates a specialized, multi-purpose, highly ice-strengthened Ro-Ro fleet serving the European market offering short transit times between the continent and Finland.


Speed both at sea and in port, is an important feature of the "Trafexpress"-class of vessels, which are suitable for short-sea as well as deep-sea traffic. These vessels are equipped with two medium speed main engines, with an output of 12,600 kW each. Designed to have the best manoeuvrability ever, the vessels are equipped with twin bow thrusters of 850 kW each and two high efficiency flap rudders. At 12,800 DWT the maximum speed is about 23 knots. All vessels are retrofitted with scrubbers. The vessels are strengthened to Finnish/Swedish ice class 1A Super incorporating the typical Spliethoff icebreaking bow shape. Fin stabilizers ensure a safe passage in rough weather.